At Glenunga we have a variety of ministries to help us know God better, care for our church family, and serve the community around us. Have a look and see what we're up to.


Our Sunday services start at 10am, and are open to all comers. Families are especially welcome, with a creche area off the main auditorium and regular programs for kids and youth.

The service is also broadcast as a zoom meeting, with many members of the congregation joining us remotely via Zoom. We delight in having this wider community as part of our sunday worship, and where possible we like to include them in the service - so Bible readings and prayers are often delivered over Zoom. The talks are also available on our facebook page - and livestreamed on a Sunday morning where possible.


Glenunga prides itself on being a family church, and we regard children and young people as a vital part of the church. The monthly "All In" programs are an opportunity for families with younger children to share community and come to know God better as a family.

CAFE 320

Cafe 3:20 is a friendly, relaxed opportunity to meet with others from the church and the local community in a relaxed, friendly, social environment. Particularly focussed on those from other countries, it's an awesome opportunity to practice English over a cup of tea or coffee, and make new friends in the process. It's also an awesome opportunity to borrow from Glenunga's extensive library for a little reading material. It's on every Monday morning, from 9:30am till 12pm at the church.


With such a multicultural congregation, we like to focus on people's practical needs as well as their spiritual ones. Our English as a Second Laungage (ESL) classes are a free opportunity for members of the community to come along and improve their english skills in a friendly, relaxed environment.


No matter your hobby, whether it's sewing, scrap-booking, paper making, or painting - either canvas or tiny models - you're welcome to join us every Friday for a casual chat round the table as you work. All are welcome. Come along and bring whatever craft projects you're working on!