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Our Sunday services start at 10:00am, and are open to all comers, all cultures, all ages. Families are especially welcome, and children/youth are regularly included and involved in worship. Most weeks also include creative craft activities. 

The service is also broadcast as a Zoom meeting, and during Covid there have always been some people joining us remotely via Zoom. We delight in having this wider community as part of our Sunday worship. If you would like to join us like this please contact our office and we will send you the Zoom link.

CAFE 320

Cafe 3:20 is a friendly, relaxed opportunity to meet with others from the church and the local community in a relaxed, friendly, social environment. Particularly focussed on those from other countries, it's an awesome opportunity to practice English over a cup of tea or coffee, and make new friends in the process. It's also an awesome opportunity to borrow from Glenunga's extensive library for a little reading material. It's on every Monday morning, from 9:30am till 12pm at the church.


No matter what your hobby, whether it's sewing, knitting, scrap-booking, paper making, or painting, you are welcome to join us every Friday for a casual chat round the table as you work. (Sewing machines supplied.) All are welcome at any time between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Come along and bring whatever craft projects you're working on.


We also have a couple of table tennis tables and plenty of space in the hall, so if you feel like a hit come along after 1:00pm and join the fun in the hall.


Interested in starting from the beginning, and getting the basics of what this Christian stuff is all about? ALPHA is a relaxed, friendly, Introduction-to-Christianity program used by millions across the world. Without any pressure, you will be given a chance to ask your questions and explore ideas about the purpose of living.


We run Alpha in both English and Mandarin. If you are interested in joining the next course please contact our office and register your interest.  The course lasts 11 weeks.


A keen hiker himself, our minister Eric loves to take groups out on social bushwalks around the more scenic parts of Adelaide. The pace and the company are always friendly, and there's plenty of time for a rest and a chat along the way. A great way to meet people from our church community, or for recent arrivals to Australia to get a tiny taste of the landscape (and occasionally the wildlife).

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